Coffeehouses Are The Original Co-Working Spaces

Antigua Daily Photo — El futuro es encantador by RUDY GIRON

As I have said before, coffee shops had been and still are the premier co-working spaces in Antigua Guatemala, especially when there’s a plentiful supply of delicious coffee; free Wi-Fi internet access and power outlets, don’t you agree?

Even though there are several co-working spaces in and around La Antigua Guatemala, many people still prefer to use coffeehouses and coffee bars as co-working spaces.

El futuro es encantador, the future is enchanting, declares one of the walls of Artista de Café; a delightful co-working space on the 5a avenida sur, a few steps away from Ruinas de San José El Viejo. Other popular coffee shop used as co-working spaces are: Café Bella Vista, Fat Cat Coffeehouse, Unión Café Antigua, Estudio Café, Café Barista, & Café, El Portal, etc.

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