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Christmas Fireworks Street Shop

Guatemala’s a pyromaniac hell or paradise, what is it? Since Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are the perfect night for fireworks …

Happy Holidays Wishes from Antigua Daily Photo

The color red is the official color of Nochebuena and Navidad in Guatemala and nothing exemplifies this better than the Pascua plants, poinsettia flowers… TAP to read the entire post and see the full size photo.

PHOTO STOCK: Happy Bicentennial of Guatemala's Independence

Happy Bicentennial of Guatemala’s Independence

Today Guatemala and the other Central American countries commemorate the bicentennial of the independence. As part of the no-crowds celebrations, the Banco de Guatemala put in circulation a Commemorative Bicentennial Twenty Quetzals bill… TAP to see the full size photos of the new Q20 bill and to read the complete post.

PHOTO STOCK: Guatemalan Flag at Real Palacio de La Cultura by RUDY GIRON

Let’s Begin the Bicentennial Celebrations

This week Guatemala and the other countries in Central America will be celebrating their 200th anniversary of Independence. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, most massive events will not be allowed. So, Guatemalans are mostly observing the special date with flags, firecracker bombs and fireworks… TAP to see the full size photo and post.

Christmas Decoration Street Shop

Besides the omnipresent fireworks and firecracker street booths, one can also find Christmas decoration street shops when anyone can pick up Christmas …

Guatemalan Christmas Breakfast

Here’s a typical Guatemalan breakfast for Christmas, which is normally a quite day except for the fireworks and firecrackers which begin at …

Almost Ready for 2012

It looks like the Muni is almost ready to wave goodbye to 2011. The sign for 2012 is already in place and …

Loading up 2011

On my way to La Bodegona to get some red wine for the new year celebrations of 2011, I noticed that the …

Feliz Noche Buena

Merry Christmas Eve! In Guatemala, Christmas Eve is as important as Christmas. People stay up all night waiting for midnight to have …

Guatemala’s Independence Student Parades

Most people in Guatemala often say that Guatemalans are not very “patriotic” and immediately mention how patriotic the Mexicans really are: “that’s really patriotism!” Heck I even heard an hour long radio show today discussing it.

Noche Buena in La Antigua Guatemala

Christmas Eve or Noche Buena in La Antigua Guatemala is celebrated by staying up all night burning firecrackers and fireworks, eating tamales, …

Fuego Volcano Erupting

Some people have to wait until special occasions like Independence Day to see a fireworks show. Here in La Antigua Guatemala, thanks …

Corozo Palms and its Smell are a Staple of the Holy Week

Just like the Christmas Season comes with its own set of smells, flavors and color palette, so does the Holy Week celebrations. I can bring to you still photos, slide shows, video clips and sounds. But I can not bring you the smells. Like I said back in the Virgin of Guadalupe Day, … the incredible power of the sense of smell can detonate nostalgic memories… if only the smells could be seized like Patrick Süskind suggested in his masterpiece Das Parfum (Perfume). How could one go about imprisoning the mixture of the smells of copal incense, corozo palms, fireworks, pine needles, moisten saw dust, fresh tropical fruits, palm flower arrangements and sweat into a digital format readily available to download onto your own computer?

La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo’s Top 12 of 2007

New Year’s Eve Celebrations in La Antigua Guatemala:
For starters there are many things that make New Year’s Eve similar and different than Christmas’ Eve. If Christmas’ Eve is celebrated with the family at home at your parents’ home; New Year’s Eve can be celebrated anywhere: a discotheque, a park, the beach or La Calle del Arco, a popular venue in La Antigua Guatemala

Christmas’ Eve or Noche Buena in La Antigua Guatemala

Christmas’ Eve or Noche Buena in La Antigua Guatemala is celebrated by staying up all night burning firecracker, eating tamales or turkey and drinking real fruit punch or hot real chocolate, visiting family, friend and neighbors for the respective abrazo de Noche Buena and buenos deseos (Christmas hug and wishes); many even go to midnight mass. At midnight the presents under the Christmas tree, around the nacimiento (nativity scene), are opened and everyone laughs and hugs indiscriminately everyone around. These celebrations rate the highest on nostalgic memory scale; everyone living abroad wishes to be in Guatemala for this season and for this night in particular.

Antigua’s street from Cafe Sky

Antigua’s street from Cafe Sky, originally uploaded by rudygiron. Here is another shot from Cafe Sky roof-top bar. Between this view and …