Guatemalan Cuisine: Chiles rellenos

Guatemalan Cuisine: chiles rellenos

In Mesoamerica, many dishes have the same name but are not the same dishes. Chiles rellenos from Guatemala are different than the Mexican chiles rellenos. So, it is with enchiladas and quesadillas, just to throw two names which might be familiar to you.

Guatemalan chiles rellenos are basically, stuffed chillis, normally bell pepers, jalapeño peppers, and huaque (sp?), depends mostly on what is on season and how spicy you want your chiles rellenos. The stuff in Guatemalan chiles rellenos is a mixture of minced meat, carrots, green beans and other spices; all of that covered in an egg batter, and fried.

In the picture, you can see two chiles rellenos served over two black maize tortillas, rice, mashed avocado, and two slices of the pitaya fruit (the pinkish fruit).

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  • sompopo

    I have gained three pounds in the last two days looking at all this good food. 🙂

  • I’m getting more and more hungry looking at these pictures, my chicken tonight didn’t look anywhere near to what you have on the plate.
    I wouldn’t mind to try that pink fruit.

  • Chili rellenos are some of my favorite food. Rudy, every time I have eaten them they have been prepared differently, unless I’ve eaten at the same place twice. I’ve ordered them in New Mexico, Mexico, Central America, other Southwest cities, and Minnesota. Same result–different outcome. Yours does look, however, like ones I have eaten in New Mexico.

  • It looks so delicious, makes me hungry!

  • This is what i like more to eat, happy food full of colors, what about wine rudy, to me food and wine are an happy family always present but seems not very usual in Guatemala so what do you use to hydrate your body during meals?

  • Sompopo, I did say to hide the scale.

    Jazzy, the pink fruit comes from the cactus; there are two main kinds tunas and pitayas. They taste a bit like kiwi.

    Kate, chiles rellenos are like tamales; there are so many recipes and ways to prepare them.

    Tanty, I haven’t had breakfast yet, I too feel hungry.

    Nuno, Guatemala is more or less a beer-drinking country. There is wine and pretty good selection from abroad, but the population drinks more beer. Most non-alcoholic drinks are based on fresh fruits, coffee is the national drink, and tea is also popular. Of course, sodas are widely available.

  • Patsy, Mexicans and Guatemalan have both kinds. In Veracruz, Oaxaca, Chiapas and probably the Southeast of Mexico, they have tamales wrapped in banana leaves. In Guatemala, they also have tamales wrapped in maize husk, but they are called chuchitos, or tamales de chipilin, or de cambray, et-cetera.

    Charles, you are right, los paches de ‘La Canche’ are very good. You really know your way around Antigua.

    Edwin, the question is when are you going to show us the food in Kuala Lumpur.

    I have to make a confession, my favorite food is Asian, all of it, but I favor Thai food the best. I could be drop in Asia and be in heaven.

  • I’m getting hungry looking at this!

    We also have rellenos here in Manila,Philippines, and from the description you gave here I think they are of the same origin.

  • Los chiles rellenos son mi receta favorita soy chef de cocina en Antigua Guatemala y me facina los chiles rellenos a demas de otros platillos ahora tengo un restaurante en PANAJACHEL CALLE SANTANDER.LLAMADO EL RINCON PANZA VERDE.

  • me gusta mucho toda la cocina Antiguena

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  • Pues yo nunca he probado este tipo de cocina… y ya es hora de cambiar eso.

    Alba Martin

  • Amanda Rodriguez

    DOes anyone have a recipe on how to make these?? This i oe of my new favorite food, by central american boyfrind has introduced me to and would love to learn to make so please if anyone has a recipe on how to make these email

  • Noe Rosales

    Hi there guys. I grew up with these, but never learned to make them. Anyone with a good chile rellenos recipe? These are my favorites. When I go to restaurants, I always ask, “How do you stuff them?” 🙂

    In L.A. I know of Guatemalean bakery that makes the best chiles, not to mention the bread. All very authentic, well any thoughts, please let me know. Thanks.

    • karla

      Hola, donde se encuentra el lugar en LA donde venden los chiles que menciona? me puede dar la direccion? Gracias..

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  • Miguel Reyes

    Yo se que esto es una cocina antiguena pero es una comida bien
    exquisita que a mi me gusta demasiado Nunca los he comido en los
    Estados Unidos ya que hay un poco de Gente Guatemalteca

  • Noe

    Puchica ustedes. Tengo casi seis meses que no como un buen chile. Alguien tene la receta para hacerlos? Tambien los pastelitos de carne. No sean gachos y mandenmelos.

  • Inez

    Where is the recipe? Donde esta la receta?????

    • @Inez, the Recipes from Guatemala web site is coming soon. I recommend you subscribe to the updates to be among the first to go check out the recipes.

  • Ligia

    Hi Rudy,
    I am new to your site and I have to say…this is the first informative online place that is pretty accurate…do you live in Antigua? I have family there and with your last name….btw do you have a recipe for authentic chiles rellenos with beef (not ground)? I would love to surprise my mom with some…i was born in Guate. city but raised in the U.S………..thanks!

  • nmharleyrider

    Chile rellenos are my favorite New Mexican food. The ones they serve at Mary and Titos in Albuquerque, a small hole-the-wall, mom and pop place are the best ever especially when covered with their Chimayo red chili

    • Have you tried the GUATEMALAN chiles rellenos NMHarleyRider?