Guatemalan sweets

Guatemalan sweets

Guatemalan traditional candies and sweets are still made with fruits and seeds (they are so behind!). At front we have sweets made with white meat of the coconut, the colored one have a fruit juice added to the mix, and sugar, lots of it. In the background you have sweets made with seeds, mainly squash, pumpkin and sesame, mixed with thicken sugarcane juice called melcocha. Once again, watch your calorie intake, one this pieces can give you enough calories to cover your daily allowance. Still, they are so delicious. I preferred the sweets in the background. A ha, you are salivating… I know.

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  • that’s what so great about it ! with natural processing ..must be yummy 🙂

  • Not only yummy, but the colours are vivid, too.

  • these look so great. so muhc colour andlife in your pictures. and i take natural sweets any day over processed ones 🙂

  • Chantal

    mmm, any chance of some photos of tacos? :o)

  • Oooh they look so delicious!

  • Mmmmm, yum! Where do I put in my Mastercard number?

  • we have some very similar to those ones made with seeds, they almost look the same…maybe I’ll show you later

  • I am glad you guys still appreciate sweets and candies made with natural ingredients.

    Chantal, I promise I will do another food series and I will include Guatemalan tacos, which are, by the way, different than Mexican tacos.

    Lisi, okay I will be waiting for the photos of the Chinese seed sweets. It’s a deal!

  • Gracias por tus comentarios doc, ke bueno ke allá también en guatemala hayan difundido tu blog, eso sirve bastante a la comunidad, espero ke sigamos creciendo y aumentando nuestra cantidad de ojos en el mundo. Gracia spor tu sugerencia, ya habilité ke los no bloggers comenten en mi blog.

    Un abrazo

  • Que ricos se ven esos dulces!!! Y son tan coloridos como el resto de Guatemala!

    Those sweets look just delicious!! And they’re as colorful as the rest of Guatemala!

    Saludos desde Chile

  • Chantal

    I know, but any tacos will do – mmm. – And tacos as ‘fast food’ cannot be argued with!

  • So colorful! And aside from the sugar, I love the idea of eating sweets from coconut and seeds!

  • Hello
    I am guatemalan but born in U.S.A. I love this candy in shown in this pictures. I wish they sell this kind of candy here in the U.S.A. Very time when I go to guatemala when the feast time in the place where my mom dad are. I buy alot of this candy when i am there.

  • mark

    It’s the best candy i’ve ever had. I would go back just for the candy made of seeds

  • mark

    Does anyone know the name of the candy made of pumpkin seeds and thicken sugarcane juice?

  • emromesco

    @mark: it’s called “pepitoria” (I think), “pepita” in Guatemalan is “seed”.

    @Rudy: don’t mind me answering to some of these inquiries, is like the good ol’times 😉

  • rworange

    I thought ‘melcocha’ meant marshmallow. Aren’t the sweets in the back row really pepitoria?