Antigua’s Owl Banks

Antigua's Owl banks

If you keep your savings in one this owl banks, you will not have to make the long lines at the modern banks to withdraw cash. Too bad these owl banks are not for sale; only their replicas are on sale. According to the clerks at La Dulcerí­a de Doña Marí­a Gordillo (candy store), these owls are over hundred years old and they are NOT for sale.

Believe it or not, many people in Guatemala still used this type of piggy-banks made from ceramic. Have you ever used a similar bank?

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  • When I was a kid, I used to have this type of piggy banks. It was a long long time ago 🙂

  • Never had enough money to have any spare to put in one! 🙂

  • I used to have a big plastic troll doll piggy bank. The head was so difficult to get off I rarely used it.
    I love your website. Antigua is one of my favorite cities. And is my favorite for Central America. I was there 2 years ago and stayed at Hotel Aurora. Lovely!

  • Those owls are cute, but I presume they do not offer the benefit of compound interest. I’m sticking with mutual funds and real estate! 🙂

  • Tanty: So I take it you don’t use piggy banks anymore.

    Pamela: Somehow, I just cann’t believe you “…never had enough money.”

    Caribbean Colors: I enjoyed reading your profile at your website. Incredible!

  • Boundforceiba: You are right about the real estate part, especially in Central America.

  • LOL! Oh, believe it, because it’s true. 🙁

  • Rudy, Who made the original owls? I think I prefer the copper pans hanging above them.

  • I’m with Kate on the copper pans… love them!

    And Rudy: I don’t know how it is in Antigua, but I find real estate in La Ceiba prohibitively expensive. I have no plans (sadly) to invest there at this time. I can get a house in Minneapolis for less!

    ***But I still love La Ceiba, in spite of its cheeky real estate market… :-)***

  • Kate: I do not know who made the owls. I will ask though.

    Boundforceiba: I believe real estate in and around La Antigua Guatemala is among the most expensive in Central America. Hey, you are not in Minneapolis anymore: here, prices are outrageously and insanely high!

  • I tried to buy these too and was so sad they were not for sale. But the little birds in there were…

  • I think it’s important to know the real meaning of these owls; Actually I’m doing a research about it.. in Antigua city, and Sacatepequez in general the owl means Luck, Prosperity and abundance specially with money; that’s why the ceramic artisans estarted to use this icon in “piggy banks”.. if you get an “owl bank” you’ll have prosperity with the money you’r saving. Hope you’ll enjoy the info. 🙂

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  • Chris Wodke

    I would love to get an owl bank like the one shown in the pictures. I took this exact same picture when I was in Antigua last July. Would love to have an owl like this as a memory of the trip my niece and I took.