Pay day

payday in Antigua

You get off a bit early from work so you can run to the bank and cash your weekly paycheck. Modernity has caught up with the farm and coffee plantation worker as well. Long lines are also the norm for them (click the long lines link to see another photo).

Are there bank lines where you live?

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  • wonderful life document! cheque is definitely safer to carry around .

  • Not really anymore – nearly everyone gets paid by automatic transfer in Australia nowadays.

    But on Thursdays there are longer queues at the bank, as it is pension day and people need to withdraw money deposited in their accounts.

  • Like Sally, most people get paid here by automatic transfer, so there aren’t long lines at the bank. But I’ll tell you that if there was a line at a bank in the United States, NO ONE would stand that close to each other.

  • This is what we used to have until about a decade ago and they started forcing people to have it automatically transferred. Still, the really long lines persist as all the business owners pay the staff, their taxes and social security at the end of the month, while everyone else is scrabbling to get that money back out of their accounts. Here, no one is polite enough to line up.

  • Meg

    Same as sally, automatic transfer, and lots of oldies on Thursdays. I know I should be pondering the social changes here, but I can’t get my eyes off of the textile yet again.

  • Meg: You can ponder over the copy or the photo or the comments or whaever you like. This is equal-opportunity site. Besides, I know you love weaving so it is understandable that you get attracted to the Guatemalan textiles. I will do a series of close-up and macro photos about textiles soon; just for you. Thanks for your visit.

  • Esa imagen me conmovió, así se mueve el mundo, con dinero, y para el dinero, en cualkiera de sus niveles. Toda esa gente tiene ilusiones y esperanza en los ojos. Eso no cuesta nada, pero vale mucho.


  • in our town you can’t cash a check at the bank unless you have an account there. i have seen some aliens come in with as many as 20 checks to deposit in his account. i soppose he is cashing checks for a fee. across from tyson on pay day a fellow has a booth and he cashes checks for a fee.

  • Chantal

    Not only do you get paid by cheque in Guatemala, but all bills have to be paid in person at the banks as well (cue enormous queues). But because the country isn’t very computerised…. earlier this year there was a problem with with some of the banks in Antigua, and so Telefonica never received payment details of their broadband clients – we got disconnected twice in several days!!!

  • a nice photo capturing life in your city

  • It won’t be long before everything is “automatic for the people” like the rest of us.

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