Celebrate While You’re a Head

Celebrate While You're a Head

Finally Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo reached its post 300. We’ll celebrate while we’re a head. Just a spin on Marie’s, “Quit While You’re a Head” on January 16th from Alexandria Daily Photo. While 300 posts are nothing compare to other sites like Tenerife Daily Photo, with 500 posts on Friday, or even Paris Daily Photo, with close 700 posts; but, it is quite an achievement for me. Also, Jakarta Daily Photo celebrated 300 posts this week.

By the way, a question to LD, what date will the Christmas bulbs be taken down?

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and your regular visits.

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  • Donna

    Thank you for the wonderful veiw of a beautiful city !
    I hope you get as much pleasure out of this as we do!!

  • Donna


  • Enhorabuena Rudy. May you continue to enjoy posting the next 300 photos and beyond, as much as we enjoy seeing them and reading the fantastic knowledge you have to go with them.

    LOL! Went into my local supermarket last week and they still have all their Christmas decorations up too.

    Oh and thank you for yet another link! 🙂

  • Congratulations Rudy!!!
    I’ve just started with dailyblogging as I said days before… So it’s really admirable for me!!

    Nice photo! Very sunny, love it!! Even it’s time to remove the Christmas stuff… 😉

    Supongo que los 300 no eran una meta sino un paso más por este mundo del dailyblog, no? Seguirás en ello, verdad? Eso espero!!
    Un saludo!

  • Congratulations on 300!!

  • Suzanne

    Rudy, Congratulations on 300!! You have really captured the spirit of La Antigua to share with the world. I stumbled on your page looking for a picture of la iglesia de San Felipe to share with a friend, and I was hooked. Too many people are too busy to see the beauty that surrounds them in their daily life, thanks for reminding us to appreciate the little things. ¡Gracias!

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  • Love the view from the inside looking out!

  • LD

    Congratulations, Rudy on the big 300. You obviously put a lot of work into the site and it shows. Well done. You bring together people who are mostly interested in photos, ex-Guatemalans dying to see the homeland and others interested in the region.

    Uh oh… now I’m having performance anxiety remembering the date the lights come down. I’m working on it!

  • LD

    I believe the answer would be: February 2. El Dia de los Reyes Magos, or Three Kings’ Day. Once the kings have found their way, with all the Christmas lights to guide them, it’s time to put the lights away until next year. Do I pass the test?

  • kelsey

    happy 300! i absolutely love your pictures… your site is my home page and reminds me every day that my heart is left in Antigua! Thank you 🙂

  • Kat

    great photo! and congrats on 300 – I’ll be visiting starting on Wed night and look forward to seeing the Christmas lights – thanks for the question AND answer about the lights. Can’t wait to be back in GUA!

  • Donna: I do derive pleasure from taking photos and researching the captions. One thing I like is how sensitive I became about the beauty that surround us everyday in little things. Like the light hitting the Christmas bulbs, all in different colors and heights, a head between two plants.

    Pamela: I came to realized that the numbers really mean nothing. They are like the kilometer/mile markers along the road. You go pass them so quickly and unless we stop at a given marker, we rarely notice them.

    Dsole: Las 300 entradas son nada más una marca a la orilla del camino. Gracias por tus visitas y comentarios.

    Marie: Thanks to you for giving something to spin on.

    Suzanne: Well, we try to make the photos not too touristic since we, the DP community, try to present the local resident perspective. It is hard for me not to make tourist shots since they are everywhere in Antigua Guatemala. I hope I am keeping a healthy balance.

    José Joaquín: Gracias por la visita y la recomendación. La verdad no sabía que visitabas este humilde sitio de fotos.

    Lessie: I am always showing you the outside-looking in view. It is nice to change the perspective from time to time. Thanks for your regular visits.

    LD: I do not bring anybody here, except you. Everybody else comes to see the anti-post cards from La Antigua Guatemala. LD, you should’ve known the answer since you ask the question two weeks ago. The Christmas bulbs, lights, and decoration are taken down at the end of the Christmas season, which is February 2nd (here is the original answer). El día de los tres Reyes Magos is January 6th. Okay, you get a partial score. 😉

    Kelsey: Thanks for the compliments. I hope to live up to your expectations. 😉

    Kat: Welcome to Antigua Guatemala. You will miss the lights since they will be taken down on the February 3rd. I do hope to meet you for a cup of coffee though. The IX Paiz International Cultural Festival will be happening— don’t miss it.

  • Sandra

    …and I look forward 300 more. I enjoy seeing things through your eyes; your personality comes through in so many of the scenes you capture with your camera. As always, I am proud of your work and admire the passion you put in everything you do.
    Ps. How about a picture of the kitten (Lolita)? I think you need to share her. purrrrrry-please?

  • Sandra: I will try to get a photo of Lolita, Tito and Camilo in there somehow, even though it goes against the rule of publishing photos of your cats on your blog. Thanks little sister for stopping by and writing such kind words. I love you.

  • Rudy, is that the Bagel Barn?

    Congrats on 300!!! Many more!

  • Meg

    Congratulations on 300. So… your first birthday is not too far away!

  • Ugo Rene Avila

    Que bonita imagen!