Tree Branches on Fire

Tree branches on fire

Back on December 16th and 17th, 2006, I showed you what Parque Central (Central Park) looked like with the Christmas lights all over the trees at night. I managed to take another shot right when the lights come on, yet there’s still daylight available. I like the effect. This shot was taken from the second floor of the Ayuntamiento Building (the Muni, short for Municipalidad, as it is known locally).

Please, come back tomorrow for another yellow treat!

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  • greg

    nice. wish i was there.

  • LD

    I love this picture. Well done.

    How long do the Antigua Christmas lights stay in the trees? Is it one of those places that leaves the lights out until March, when they move on to the big Easter plans? Or, since it’s the most touristed Guatemalan town, are they more prompt?

  • Greg, yes it is nice and mellow. This is Antigua at its best.

    LD, I just asked and I’ve been told the Christmas season begins on December 8th, which the celebration of Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, and ends on February 2nd with the celebration of the Virgin of Candelaria.

  • Hey!! Take some photos of Fuego! I just read on Prensa that it’s ‘fueging’ again – I wanna see!!

  • I left Antigua just over a week ago. On my last morning in your beautiful city, I woke up early enough to see the lights still on from the previous night.

    Can’t wait to return!

  • Beautiful. I love the glimpse of the mountain in the background.

  • Meg

    This is a fantastic shot. Very interesting. It does look like the trees are on fire.

  • Beautiful vista!

  • Chantal: I promise I will be paying more attention to Fire Volcano.

    Allison: Come back soon… I promise to keep interested in this old town with a photo per day.

    Lessie: The mountain in the back is a Volcano; Volcán de Agua is its name.

    Meg: I like to color of the lights.

    Ming: Thank you for your visit.