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Guatemalan Kitchen Gloves

We continue the color tour around Antigua with something simple and utilitarian like kitchen gloves. I am sure Meg would love a pair of these since she loves textiles. Here you get to see how the Indigenous people can have such wide palette of colors and yet the whole piece be harmony. Also, you can see Indigenous motives: the bird looking shape represent the Quetzal, Guatemala’s national bird and the name of the currency. It is common belief that Quetzals can not live in captivity; thus they represent freedom.

I hope you are enjoying the color trip. We are raising the intensity of the colors. Tomorrow there will be a close-up shot of textile patterns and threads.

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  • My wifes sister brought me a beautiful pair of pants from Antigua in that same type of material. Talk about standing out in a crowd.
    I love em. I will send you a pic of me wearing them. 🙂

  • beautiful! Love the black background and all the strong colors there!

  • My wifes sister brought me some beautiful pants from Antigua made from the same material. Talk about standing out in a crowd. They are awesome. Mabie I will send you a pic of me wearing them. 🙂

  • Hi! this is HKDP visiting DP blogs from Shanghai! finally I have got the time and internet connection to visit…I was late but congratulations for your 300th post!

  • Dsole: Now might think I took this shots in a studio or something similar. Come back in the next few days to see where these photos were taken.

    Sompopo: I would love to see you in those Guatemalan pants… for sure you are walking around with a siren.

  • The information and the link to the bird was very interesting.

  • Meg

    I’ve been staring at this photo for so long my neck hurts, but I think it’s the same technique used in the piece of fabric Mom brought back from Antigua. Fascinating. I just love the colors AND the pattern.

  • Lavenderlady: I am glad you follow the extra links. I try to give links to more in-depth information whenever possible.

    Meg: I will send you a pair of these if you want to.

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