Escuela de Cristo Church in Antigua

Iglesia de la Escuela de Cristo

The photo above shows the façade of the Escuela de Cristo church in La Antigua Guatemala, which is located to the southeast of the city in the way to El Calvario Church. It is on la Calle de los Pasos (the Steps Street) which takes its name from the Ví­a Crucis (Stations of the Cross). La Escuela de Cristo church was founded and established as such in 1689, later destroyed in the earthquakes of 1717, and finally rebuilt in 1730. More detailed information about its architecture and history, in Spanish, available here.

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  • Pat

    Lovely to see this photo of the church!

    Pat’s Photos and
    Guelph Daily Photo

  • Great post, Rudy, I love the sunny day… Bush has gone then? 😉

  • It’s so big! 1730. Looking at it causes me to wonder what it was like then.

  • ioanna

    Beautiful church, nice sunny day, wonderful colors! I love Guatemala posts!

  • Thanks for posting a church just on the right day, without prior consultation I have to think that this is mind reading !!!!

  • gillian hogarth

    I want to thank you for all your wonderful doors and windows. I lived in Antigua some years ago and am currently trying to do some work on my house in France. I kept telling my blacksmith I wanted decorative window grilles like they have in Antigua and started trawling Antigua sites to try find examples for them – and then I came across your site. He’s blown away by them and I’m hoping that soon I will have some grilles of my own to remind me to grow plants behind.

  • Dsole, thanks for all your wonderful comments.

    Lessie, I wonder too. For sure they did not have Internet access.

    Ioanna: I love Greece too. Thanks for the visit.

    Nathalie, yes you are reading my mind.

    Gillian, I am glad you like the iron works made the blacksmith here in Antigua.

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