Entrance Doorway to the Compañí­a de Jesús Building

Entrance Doorway to the Compañí­a de Jesús Building

I am sucker for shots with contrast. I like to show all the different contrasting vistas that come into my viewfinder in La Antigua Guatemala. Contrast can come in different shapes like size, culture, age, etc. Tourist and indigenous women often come into the viewfinder and I like to show that contrast. Sometimes the meeting takes place at a doorway like the one above; some going in others going out. Although some visitors find my photos of Doors and Windows in La Antigua Guatemala not as challenging, I find in doors and windows amazing opportunities for documenting contrast. Besides doors and windows work really well as frames for the everyday-life incidents; I just have to be ready to catch the decisive moment.

What do you think about the Doors and Windows photos shown here? Should I continue with this kind of photographs?

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  • Becky

    I really like all the window and door pictures. On my visit to Antigua, I myself was taken with the variety. I like how you take the windows and doorways and use them as frames for whatever is happening “inside”. Keep using them !!!

  • As more than once I said here, I adore (not simply “like”) Antigua and everything you take on photo. Before to read your question I was, in fact, more impressed by the entrance doorway than on how women were dressed (that’s interesting contrast though).

  • the door is very lovly, me i like convertesy. like your post about gas prices but i think you try to stay away from that sort of thing. i really like the photos of the local people. do you have dogs around, i would like to see what your local dogs look like. also i am a chicken person . how about some photos of guatemala chickens .

  • Tom & Toni

    My wife and I love all of the pics of the doors and windows that you post. We are missionaries to Antigua and the mountain region (Patzun) of Guatemala. We assist Escuela Integrada school in Antigua by bringing down construction and medical workers. Please by all means continue posting more doors and window pics.

  • Dear Patsy: I will take photos of dogs and chicken for you. You can see some dogs in these entries Cycling the Dogs and To Sleep or to Guard, That is the Question.

  • And I love the color contrast too! The red against the white is superb.

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