Entrance to Finca Las Ilusiones

Entrance to Finca Las Ilusiones

The photo above shows what a typical entrance to a coffee plantation looks like. Finca Las Ilusiones is just south of El Calvario church, on the Walter Williams road. Finca is the Guatemalan Spanish word for plantation or farm. The small door is for the workers, the large door for the coffee plantation owner; there is so much more traffic through the small door. In terms of efficiency, logic does not apply here.

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  • A grand and mysterious entrance. The glimpse of the mountain beyond makes it quite alluring!

  • Coltrane_lives

    Gracias for your kind explanation. I appreciate your narratives and great photos. I love the hospitality and beauty of Antigua! Adios a manana!

  • Lessie, it is quite a sight for sure. One can see coffee trees on either side of the drive way.

    Coltrane lives, thanks for you visits. Coltrane is one my favorites. I normally listen to KKJZ from Long Beach, California. As a matter of fact that is what I am listening right now.

  • Finca is also the Spanish word used here too and basically applies to any estate of land; from smallholding, through farm and plantation, to the rolling acres around a mansion, regardless of use.

  • Claudia

    I love the structure, it could be a setting for a very romantic telenovela. So old world, you know? Beautiful.