Guatemalan Fair: The Pizza Kiosk

Guatemalan Fair Pizza Stand

A recent addition to the Guatemalan Fair zoo is the pizza kiosk. Just like many other aspect of modern Guatemala idiosyncrasy, pizza has come to stay, but it must evolve, just like chinese food. So the typical Guatemalan town fair pizza is made from a less tasteful dough, only a light tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and ham; nothing more. You get your slice and normally ad ketchup to it. The Guatemalan town fair pizza stand is, almost invariable, managed by one or two young indigenous teenagers or young adults with a taste for extremely heavy rock metal music which they blast from a portable boom box. The pizza booth may have posters describing their pepperoni or salami pizza even though they only sell ham pizza. Go figures!

© 2007 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • so colourful- shame about the ketchup. Hopefully it’ll carry on evolving into something unique AND tasty… 🙂
    this Fair series is fantastic Rudy.

  • i don’t like pizza. i think it is an age thing. when i was young no one ate pizza in this area. my children ate it in school lunches and they love it.

  • I love pizza (grew up in an Italian neighborhood), but I think I’d pass on the ham, cheese and ketchup. Although, I see a lot of teenagers these days do put ketchup on chicken, too. Go figure!:-) Nevertheless, Guatemala continues to intrigue me in its ambiguities and its evolution. Great narrative, Rudy!

  • stephanie

    i enjoy the advertisment(hanging signs from the table)… especially the geometric/ boarder pattern….its a cool mix…
    this reminds me of downtown Los Angeles(usa). others might disagree…..

  • I take it that Guatemalan pizza is not one of your top favorites then Rudy? 🙂

  • Jerry T

    I can’t quite wrap my mind around Guatemalan pizza, since I am not a great fan of any pizza anywhere except in the North End of Boston. La Antigua does have the ever-present pizza delivery
    “get the door it’s Dom…o’s” people, but even that is a bit hard to fathom. I’d have to pass on pizza at the Fair…The candy and the pastries, well that’s another story with a really happy ending.

  • mmmmm yum i love guatemalan pizza :]
    especially the fries…but everyone has their dislikes…oh and the ketchup thing, yea thats good.
    eating the pizza at the feria makes it even more delisioso :]

  • Pedp, I don’t like ketchup either, but hey it’s optional.

    Patsy, we eat less healthy foods nowadays for sure.

    Stephanie, you are so right, now that I think of it, it does remind me of down Los Angeles.

    Pamela, actually, I do love pizza, any kind, even Guatemalan pizza, I just skip the catsup part. Here they even put ketchup on top their Chow Mein.

    Jerry, Guatemala has had always a long and everlasting love affair with pizza. Even before Domino’s entered the Chapin market, Pizza Hut had been here forever. It was only a matter of time for the rural town’s pizza to appear.

    Isabel, for sure you are Guatemalan. 😉

  • I would like to taste it. Pizza is much more great as few and excellent ingredients people use. Reading what you wrote about ingredients for sure make it a special pizza !

  • GDS

    Yikes – catsup on pizza, not sure I could ever get used to that. Of course, I don’t really consider the stuff Domino’s delivers to be pizza either, not really sure what it is.

    What’s in the green bottles? Is that just more catsup? Maybe some other condiment?

    Great photo though

  • Ann

    Now why on earth would I buy this horrid sounding pizza when I have the churreria with those yummy churros? ;o)

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