Guatemalan Cuisine: Tapado

Guatemalan Cuisine: Tapado

La Antigua Guatemala is just a cosmopolitan town. You can get just about any kind of cuisine here. For instance, the dish above comes from the Guatemalan Caribbean; yes you heard it right: Guatemala is a Caribbean country (as well).

Believe it, you came to the right place, you are looking at LAGDP; this is not the Montego Bay Day by Day published daily from Jamaica by our dear friend Ann. I know it could be confusing to see a Caribbean dish made with sea food, coconut milk, bananas and plantains being served in a Spanish Colonial Town embedded in the highlands of the mountains of Central America. What kind I say, Guatemala’s syncretism knows no limits.

The tapado (covered) dish comes from the Guatemalan Caribbean region of Lí­vingston, in the department of Izabal. Lí­vingston’s population is made up by Black Guatemalans known as Garí­funas, Q’eqchi’ Maya and Mestizos (mixed) and it’s precisely this mixture that is necessary to create such a delicacy. If you are in La Antigua Guatemala, you can only find this dish at El Pelí­cano Dorado (I think). According to Guy, the ceviche connoisseur, you can also find a great ceviche at El Pelí­cano Dorado.

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  • ¡Esto es una tortura compadre! Tengo añales de no probar un tapado de los buenos. Mi viejita, originaria de Lívignston, Izabál, lo preparaba como para chuparse los dedos antes de sus trombósis cerebrales multiples.

    Gracias vos Rudy, hoy si me hiciste revivir…


  • This caught my attention! Very color and interesting dish.