Entrance to Finca San Agustin Las Cañas

Entrance to Finca San Agustin Las Cañas

The Spring Season began a few days ago, so I’ve read somewhere {ñ}. Guatemala’s slogan is the Land of the Eternal Spring, yet in this country Spring has never showed up. As a matter of fact, Guatemala’s weather does not follow the ‘normal’ seasons. Instead, Guatemala has a dry and a wet seasons. The wet season begins in May and ends towards the last days of October; the remaining months are the dry season. So in about 40 days the rainy season will begin in Guatemala and the whole country will be wearing an intense verdurous foliage dress. If you ever decide to visit Guatemala, make sure you bring dark sunglasses because the adjective intense accompanies every shade of the color hue.

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  • A lovely entrance framed with beautiful flowers!

  • Bougainvilleas always bring me comfort. And I love the details in the wood. Como hoy es Domingo de Resureccion, tambien he decidido que el regresar a las actividades que me llenan es parte de este proceso. Como te he dicho antes, pero pienso que es necesario repetir…te agradezco las fotos. Sorry for the language chirmol.

  • Your photo is so beautiful! I love the intense colours!

  • weather there is the same in Philippines, only two seasons =) I envy that view with lots of sun! Great shot!

  • marla

    la antigua is gorgeous!

  • coltrane_lives

    Absolutely beautiful. Is that bouganvilla? The colors really typify La Antigua. I miss sitting in Parque Centrale and taking in all the sights and sounds. Maybe you could wander over with your camera and… 🙂 just a suggestion.

  • Gina

    The flowers framing this entrance are wonderful.
    I love the “eternal spring”. I can’t wait to visit
    later this year …


    so beautiful , thank you
    I miss Antigua , but your photos bring it closer to me
    I will return in November

  • sisune

    It is called the land of enternal spring yes you are right but you forgot the second part – eternal tyranny.

  • ire

    I love the entrance but I love more to play inside that place =)