Guatemalan Granizadas or Shaved Ice Snack

Guatemalan Granizadas or Shaved Ice Snack

Granizadas is the Guatemalan Spanish word for shaved ice snacks. Basically, you take shaved or crushed ice and add any combination of the following: syrups, fruits, condensed milk, cooked fruits and their syrups, tamarind, camote (sweet potatoes), nance (sweet yellow cherry), just to name a few of the possible ingredients for the sweet granizadas; you add pepitoria molida (ground pumpkin seeds), salt and lime-lemon juice for the salty granizadas.

In the picture above, you get two see a sweet and salty granizada. The sweet granizada has several syrups and cooked camote with its syrup as toppings.

As you begin to see, the combination of pepitoria molida, salt, ground red hot chili peppers and lemon juice is used very often in many Guatemalan snacks.

Granizadas is all the Spanish term for hailstorm.

In 2006 I showed a colorful street vendor cart of granizadas, can you tell me what was the message written on the front of the granizadas cart? The first person who post when and what does it says in the cart, wins a 10,000 LACA miles. 😉

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  • wow, I’d love to taste that!

  • Cindy

    It says “God loves you” and it was posted May 9, 2006. Browsing your topic Food and Drink at lunchtime was not a good idea. I’m very hungry now. I must go get something to eat!

  • coltrane_lives

    Amazing what can be done with shaved ice and Guatemalan ingredients. Would definitely try one of these!

  • Don’t know if my train is going to fast, but I’ve never seen those salty “granizadas”. I’m sure that kind of “granizada” surfaced in the 90’s. I’ll make sure to try one next time I go to Antigua.

    Saludos y gracias por este loable y honorable trabajo de destapar a la Antigua al mundo.

  • Michelle Tedesco

    Great “coffee” granizadas at Cafe Condesa coffee shop.

  • sompopo

    Would that be the post on May 9th 2006? The front of the cart said “Idios Te Ama”.

  • MO

    I never had a salty granizada. As a kid I only remember the sweet ones. I’m sure the sweet granizadas outsell the salty ones by a large margin. I haven’t had a Guatemalan granizada in a very long time but I do have available to me here in New York “Italian Ices”.
    Similar idea and very good too.

  • This post-modern new millennium Guatemala presented in LAGDP sometimes throws me for a loop… what the heck are “salty granizadas”? Back in my day we only put pepitoria on the actual fruit, not on granizadas. I don’t think it was in the 90s because I was still “down there” “back then”.

  • Hmmmm…. sweet potato shaved ice… now THAT’S different!


  • veronica

    Let me just tell YOU that salty granizadas r the best specially with the pepita molida and red chile peppers.
    Just spectacular! Would die to have one right now! Grew up eating those things I’m a proud guatemalan! Wish they had the salty ones here in california it would really sell..

  • Verónica, you must be very young, right?

  • Claudia

    Oh WOW My mouth just melt !!! I wish to have one right now 🙁 I think I can make it I will try because I can’t wait to go to my country and have one or 12 hahahahaha. I used to have one each day after school they also put green mango on the top are Awesome out of this world maybe I need to open my own business LOL Ill b the next richest person in the world of FORBES :p