Guatemalan Independence Day Bunting

Guatemalan Independence Day Bunting

As the Guatemalan Independence Day approaches, one begins to see all the bunting in windows and doorways around Antigua Guatemala.

Since Jeff would like to know what kind of festivities are planned for Guatemala’s Independence Day, I figure that instead of providing a straight answer, I will put some questions up and l will you find the answers in the archives. Once you found the answers, come back here and share them with the rest of us. Whoever comes back with the most answers will receive a series of 4×6 Independence photos. The hunt is on!

  • On what date is Guatemalan Independence celebrated?
  • What are two main activities in the Independence Day celebrations?
  • Out all the possible shades of blue, which one is the official and legal blue color for the Guatemalan flag?
  • Why were school bands forbidden after 1996?

You can browse the archives for 2006 and 2007 to find the answers.

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  • I was a little ambitious and sought to find the answers to my own questions:

    1) Guatemalan Independence Day is celebrated on Sept 15

    2) The two main activities in the Independence Day celebrations include the nightly parade on Sept 15 and the marathon people from all over the country run “to get the light for the Independence Torch in their communities” (which is actually done on September 14th, lighting the flame in their own community just before the 15th)

    3) The Guatemalan Congress Act 104-97 dictates that the shade of blue on the Guatemalan flag should be ISCC-NBS 177, or Celestial Blue, although, as you said on Sept 19th 2007, “Reality dictates that the Guatemalan flag can be blue, any blue really, with or without the emblem or coat of arms.”

    4) One of the results of the Guatemalan Peace Accords of 1996 was to forbid school bands to play their music because it was a “reminder of Guatemala’s 36-year civil war.” Also, “many people felt this was against the peace people were trying to achieve since most bands play martial music.”

    Can’t wait to see some pictures of this year’s festivities!

  • La Chata

    So what kind of festivities are planned for Rudy’s B-Day?
    Have fun & be safe on what ever you do today.
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    Espero que tu tienes uno muy feliz cumpleanos Rudy!

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