Wonderful Sunset and Power Lines

Wonderful Sunset and Powerlines

This is the follow-up photo as requested by Matt and MO. Don’t you ever say I don’t cater to your wishes and obsessions. 😉

© 2008 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • LOL!! I think this is a great picture, I really like the color contrast between the sunset’s blue and red and gray with the greenish halogen light. Really, really cool.

  • erica

    hey the green light actually gives it a good effect

  • MO

    Great shot Rudy!! You have redeemed yourself with this shot. You have exorcised the electrical wire demons out of your camera with this superb shot. Well done.

  • Yay, Rudy! What a way to turn an annoyance (power lines) into something artful! Excellent! I agree w everyone else, too, those colors look really cool together.