It’s Time for Some Sweeping

It's Time for Some Sweeping

Every once in a while you reach certain marks in your life and in your projects and they serve to mull over all the things accomplished thus far and to look into the future and plan for new things.

Well, I have reached this point and like this old fellow, I too will be doing some cleaning around here. I will be changing the theme we have been using almost since July 2006 and reorganizing things so they are easier to browse and to find stuff stashed in the archives. I will also try to go back to clean up all the horrible typos and mistakes in grammar and orthography. I may call on volunteers to help clean up the archives.

For the upcoming future I can offer a discussion forum where all of us will be able to dig deeper into some themes and subjects that I have treated lightly in daily flow. Also, I will be working in a new site to rescue and share all the Guatemalan recipes I come across. This new Guatemalan recipe website will be bilingual and everyone will be welcome to participate and share. Once again, I will need your support and feedback.

For now, let the old man sweep the park with his all-natural broom. ¡Buenas noches y buena suerte!

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  • Congratulations on your 1000th post yesterday, Rudy! Sorry I’m a day late. Good luck with the housekeeping though, especiall with 1000 posts! Here’s to the next 5000! =D

  • Blandina

    that sounds great and I’m sure you will have all our support! You have done a great job and you deserve a big THANK YOU, for a job well done. Adelante hermano!

  • cynthia s

    Muchísimas gracias. I have enjoyed this site (and the tremendous amount of
    time and effort that you put into it each day) for over a year now. I would be
    happy to help out with your housekeeping project as my way of saying thanks.
    Favor de ponerse en contacto conmigo si haya algo con que puedo ayudar.

  • Joan H

    I really look forward to this email with the daily photo. Recipes sound wonderful, as I strive to bring more and more of Guatemala into my home. Your efforts are very much appreciated! Gracias.

  • Don B.

    I’m still waiting for the ceviche recipe/instructions you promised November 14th. If you’ve already posted it somewhere, please let me know so I can find it.

  • Rudy, I’m so excited about the changes you have in store! Please contact me if you’d like help editing posts. I’m a grammar freak, I edit for fun, and I’d love to volunteer some time toward this site that I love so much. Gracias por tus esfuerzos 🙂

  • Congrats Man! Where’s the party? Your blog inspired me to start mine. Open the Tequila.

  • Sylvia D

    Hi Rudy!!! Muchas felicidades!!! I just found yur website yesterday but I have been enjoying every bit of it specially the recipies that I love so much, I would also like to see some recipies of candies, like the ones they sell at “Las Gordillo” Mmmm!!! que ricos esos dulces!!! You have been doing some great work.
    Again, Congratulations!!!

  • emromesco

    Pues enhorabuena don Rudy! Ah, and great way of ending such a landmark post with a link to a great movie… how many movies have you cited in LAGPD I wonder. 🙂

  • I think the idea of the recipe site is just extraordinary! If you need any more proofreaders I’d be glad to lend you a hand.

  • That’s great! I can’t wait to see the results! I have really been enjoying this site.

  • @Hilda, 1000 posts is a lot, but I will have some professional help from LAGDP friends and visitors.

    @Blandina, gracias hermana. 😉

    @Cynthia S, I will get in touch with you for sure. Thanks for your support.

    @Joan H, I will you guys know when I have the basic recipe site up. This new Guatemalan recipes sites will be the contributions of all who want to put their little granito de arena.

    @Don B, oh yeah, I forgot about that. See, you’ve got tell me when I say I am going to do something and then forget about it. Thanks for reminding me. I will get on it tomorrow. Sorry! :'(

    @Janna, thanks for the offer of becoming an editor for LAGDP. I will sure get in contact with you.

    @Peter, Wow thanks, you’ve made my day. I have never thought of myself as someone who can inspire anyone or anything. Now for the party, we are going open a bottle of Zacapa Centenario rum, if you don’t mind.

    @Sylvia D, dulces that’s a good idea. I am putting it down on my to-do list for the new recipe site.

    @emromesco, I have no idea how many films I have cited… not as many as I should for sure. A quick search for film should give an idea. Es un placer tenerte de regreso Manolo… haces mucha falta por acá.

    @Jennifer, thanks for the offer, I will get in touch with soon. I really appreciate your support.

    @Holly, I just need to find some extra time to do all the stuff… perhaps we will do it in baby steps. 😉