Casa Antigüeña: The Búcaro

Casa Antigüeña: The Búcaro

Several times people have asked to show the inside of a house from La Antigua Guatemala and I had said that I would show as many aspects of casa antigüeña (House from Antigua) if I was ever given permission. Well, we can rejoice now because we’re going to begin a tour through the inside of a casa antigüeña.

Back in June 6th, 2007 this is what I wrote:

Normally I have only shown the façade of many houses and building in La Antigua Guatemala for an obvious reason: I do not have access to the inside. Well, some of you may ask, what is on the other side of the wall? For sure there is no easy answer, but there are some common aspects of the architecture of Antigua Guatemala. Most of the time Antiguan architecture dictates to have a simple façade to the outside with only doors and windows showing, but this simplicity shown on the outside is completely abandon for the inside where you can find gardens, patios, fountains, half fountain, búcaro fountains, pergolas, cobblestone patios or ceramic tiles, metal and/or wooden doors and crates, forged-metal railings, copulas for air, light or as chimney for the kitchens or living rooms. The real beauty of house in Antigua Guatemala is in the inside. Too bad I can not show you the inside of many houses around Antigua. Nonetheless, I will show as many aspects of house when I am given permission. For now enjoy a peek at the other side of the wall.

We will begin this new casa antigüeña series with the búcaro fountain since we still have its definition fresh in our memory.

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  • Thomas Wheeler

    OH WOW This Bucaro is just the same one my brother Dennis has in his yard and Dennis is in Antiqua for the pass 35 years and owner of the Dona Luisa I’ll be there March 18 through March 31 Sincerely Thomas Wheeler

    • @Thomas, hey maybe this is your brother’s house. Just kidding 😉

  • Stephanie

    How typical is the house? Is it the kind of house that only the wealthiest have? Or is it typical (at least on some scale) of what in the US we would refer to as a “middle class” home? Just curious — thanks!

    • @Stephanie, the Casa Antigüeña is no longer an option for the middle-class or the poor, unless they bring their retirement dollars down.

  • Thomas Wheeler

    Note to Stephanie My brother is very much middle class and has helped many people in Antiqua to be so through selfless work for those who had little . After the big earthquake He built homes, and schools in many of the cities in Guatemala. His wife was in charge of health care in Antiqua and now is on the Library board to aid in the youth of tomorrow . Most sincerely Thomas