Guatemalan Style Coffee Satchel

Guatemalan Style Coffee Satchel

This satchel is perfect for coffee lovers.

This satchel is made by recycling of the coffee sacks used for carrying whole coffee beans of the best coffee in the world (follow the white rabbit if you want to see the coffee sack). You can also find backpacks, bags and purses made from these recycled coffee sacks. In your next visit to La Antigua Guatemala, home of the best coffee in the world, don’t forget to take back home backpacks or satchels for the coffee-loving family members and friends.

What’s the Spanish word for satchel?

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  • Eric

    Ja-ja-ja, Rudy, I remember seeing these on my last visit. I thought they were a great idea. For myself, I use the coffee sacks as a curtain between my pantry and the rest of my kitchen.
    Which reminds me, I’m almost out of the greatest coffee in the world. Time for another visit to La Antigua, no ?

  • The Spanish word for satchel? I would say, morral. Just another example that most things in Guatemala have an infinite number of uses beyond their original purpose.

  • Hola Rudy Buenos Días!

    Sí sí…”morral” es lo indicado, digo yo también 🙂

    Me encanta el detalle del botón=cigarro

  • I would love one of these satchels!

  • Not only is it an envrionment friendly concept, but a super style concept too. The satchels look so cool!!!

  • macuto, zurrón, cartera, talego, bolsa, saco, morral, costal, alforja, mochila, faltriquera.. y seguramente otras palabras que se refieren a una pieza fabricada con cuerda, tela, plástico o cuero en la que se pueden guardar distintos objetos y se lleva colgada al hombro, cintura o espalda

  • Hey Rudy, I meant to ask if you know anyone or any website that sells this item and could deliver to Canada?