Oh the photos look so much better with people in them, especially if they are smiling. 😉

If tostadas had a kingdom, La Enchilada would be the queen of the tostadas. Good, you say, I’m glad to know, but can you tell me what the hell is a tostada or enchilada. Well, I’m glad you asked. (follow the white rabbit for the whole enchilada!)

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  • Mmmmm! That looks sooo good!

  • Yes, indeed. It looks just yummy. Nice picture.

  • sheila

    enchiladas!!! they are so good and healthy. But a lot of work.

  • Claudia

    there is a trick to knowing how to eat one – you have to sort of figure out where the strongerst point in the tostatda is, otherwise the whole enchilada crumbles down. Very yummy to eat though. and yes, like Sheila states lots of work to make – all the veggie chopping and so on.

  • Hummm love it !

  • Erick

    The colors in enchiladas are so vibrant, it’s almost a shame to eat them, but they’re way too tasty to pass up. I personally don’t mind if everything crumbles, I scoop everything back up with the tostada.

  • That woman with the glasses…the way she’s looking at you, I get that a lot and haven’t quite figured it out. Glad to know it’s not just me.

  • Erick

    @Mark: The lady in question might be giving that look because she may be trying to see over her reading glasses. My father wears reading glasses and he gives that exact same (stern) look when he’s trying to look. I think that trying to look over the glasses gives that “upset/annoyed” look. Anyways, that’s my 2 cents, but if you are getting that look on a continuous basis, it might be something else. 🙂

  • @Mark, I think it is just you! 😉 Actually, she was smiling in the other frames and in this particular image she was trying to look over her glasses, just like Erick suggested.

  • cynthia

    Wow! I wish I could have had one of those enchiladas for lunch today. I am sure they are filled with everything that is good for you, and they look absolutely scrumptious too.