Theme Day: Big

Old-style Pepsi-Cola Delivery Truck

127 cities around the world orchestrated a global effort to show the different manifestations of the concept of BIG. I could have easily won the contest (yes, I know, they pretend is not a competition) with a photo of any of the three volcanos that shelter La Antigua Guatemala. But that’s way too easy, I don’t fall for that. Instead, I bring you an old-styled Pepsi-Cola delivery truck with its newly designed slogan: Bigger Better.

For whatever reason, Guatemalans still like the mini soda presentation; a 200 ml glass bottle which is little over half a normal soda (355 ml/12 oz). Of course, you can find all kinds size bottle soda presentations: 200 ml mini soda, 355 ml “normal” size soda, 500 ml glass bottle, 600 ml plastic bottle, 1 liter glass bottle and beyond all the way to 3.5 ltr plastic bottles. I am NOT sure, however, that Bigger is always Better; I don’t know, what do you think?

Thanks for visiting and please make an effort to visit to the other participating cities around the planet. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

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  • Neavilag

    Hi Rudy. I dont think bigger is always better. I like the Grapette mini. Rather like Coca than Pepsi but the picture is eyecatching. Thanks

  • Very funny post and nice image, spot on this Theme Day!

  • Kim

    I agree; bigger is not always better. Bigger portions and soft drinks get us north Americans in trouble and obese. The portions are way too big and then you don’t end up enjoying it as much anyway.

  • Bigger is not always better, that’s true. But it’s still a cute truck. I like those old-fashioned looking advertisements.

  • Erick

    That’s a really cool old-styled logo. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one before, but reading about the glass bottles does remind of being a kid and running to the store to buy me a Pepsi or “una coka”. Back in the days, buying a soda was a treat and maybe consumed only once-a-week; now I drink them daily *gulp*.

  • catherine from Oregon

    Love the picture Rudy. What comes to mind when I think of “big” and Guatemala are the kites flown on todos santos !

  • MO

    Is that Wimpy from the Popeye cartoons series? Looks like Wimpy but I don’t think Wimpy was a cop. Does anyone know who this is?