Independence Day: Practicing Student Bands

Independence Day: Practicing Student Bands

School bands and parades were the norm to celebrate Independence Day before the December 29 signing of The Guatemalan Peace Accords of 1996, which put an end to Guatemala’s 36-year civil war since the CIA-orchestrated overthrow of the democratic reformist government of Jacobo Arbenz in 1954 (read more…). School parades with their martial music bands were thought to be a remainder of the war and they were discontinued after the signing of the peace accords. This was the spark for the birth of another patriotic manifestation around Independence Day; and a very interesting one: Marathons. Of course, Guatemalans have a short memory and by the turn of the new Millennium student bands and parades were back, except now they were “free” to play any kind of music, from disco to cumbia.

In yesterday’s entry I mentioned all the activities that Guatemalans do to commemorate their Independence Day. Today, I rather go visual and share with you two slide shows and a video clip of the hauling down of the Guatemalan Flag, which marks the end of the Independence Day Celebrations.

Have a happy Guatemala’s Independence Day everyone!

Hauling Down of the Guatemalan Flag

2006 Independence Day: Slideshow

2007 Independence Day: Slideshow

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  • Eric

    Thanks for the slideshow and video, Rudy. I was in Ciudad for Dia de la Independencia in 2007, and could not believe the parades (I saw one 3-hour parade – lots of drums !), the cannon shots, and yes, the marathon runners. It was quite spectacular, and I was very impressed.
    Here in Boston, we have a huge fireworks display, an annual concert with the Boston Pops Orchestra, and lots of barbecues. Unfortunately, we used to have a parade in every town, but ‘budget cuts’ have cancelled many of these. Although there always seems to be money for new police cars …
    Anyway, Feliz Dia de la Independencia ! Have a Moza (and please kiss a tortilla lady) for me !

  • @Eric, thanks for your feedback about Independence Day in Boston. Below you can have your tortillera picture.

    Hgh-scale Tortilleria in La Antigua Guatemala

  • Happy Independence Day! Great photos and slideshow! Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota, USA

  • Stephanie

    I LOVE the building the girls are standing beside! That beautiful color + brilliant white trim + stunning white lines of the trim are fantastic.

  • MO

    Never understood the “marchar” ritual that most public grade schools make their students perform. Independence or no independence celebrations. I never cared for it as a kid growing up in Guatemala. It’s so silly. What’s the purpose of it? Early military training?

  • Eric

    Muchas gracias para la foto, Rudy. Ya tengo mucha hambre …!