How about being contagious?

Entreteniendo y energía

How do you get people infected with good stuff? I mean, it is difficult for foreigners to visit Guatemala, and, sometimes, that’s even true for Guatemalans living overseas. Taking on a lesson from our friend Iván Castro, we can only do it by getting everyone infected with good stuff.

So, here is one of my attempts at infecting you 😉

How many countries have so many volcanoes, so many mountains, so many cultures, so much diversity, and in all, so much greatness? (don’t ask about negative stuff, eh) Very few countries, and Guatemala is one of them…

Antigua is surrounded by volcanoes that give sunsets a subtle, beautiful touch. And, just walking around on Sunday; you can find even more good stuff. On Friday’s afternoons (4 p.m.), there are also free concerts by the Central Park. Music is also in and around Antigua. Art in general.

Paraphrasing a bit Colombia’s tourism slogan “The Only Risk Is Wanting to Stay”, the chances are that if you come to La Antigua Guatemala, you’ll want to stay and live here; I know I did! ;O)

text and photos by Arturo Godoy

La última luz de la tarde 02 La última luz de la tarde

© 2009 – 2013, Arturo Godoy. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    Indeed, Arturo,to live in Guate. was one of my goals from the first time I visited. I have never met people more friendly than los chapines. And yes, the list of incredible things in Guate. goes on and on and on…
    So, you see, I am ‘infected’. Now what do I do ?!?! Ay, Dios mio……

  • That is a lovely photo! I bet those boys are growing proud of their culture, music, costumes, and country. My standing ovation to the father!
    Thank you very much Rudy, for the concerts photos and audio clips, for the magnificent sunrises and sunsets in Antigua Guatemala, and yes, for the food photos as well…

  • awwww, so well said. Nice photos.

  • Sheny

    I love this blog for many reasons, but I’ll just mention 3.
    – Reading it makes me transport myself to Antigua and reminisce about my visits when I was little.
    – The pictures remind me of the reasons why I love Guatemala so much.
    – Last but not least… I have a deep admiration for passionate people that are persistent in making their dreams come true and are driven to share the best of our Guatemalan assets: Our Culture!!
    Many of us are looking forward to our visit to Antigua next year!!
    Thank you “Tio” Arturo for the beautiful pictures!

  • @Arturo, I really like the energy of the first photograph. 🙂

  • Ah, wooooooow!!!!! Thank you very much everyone!!!!!!! It is amazing to read such somments ;O) ;O) ;O) ;O) ;O)

    Thank you very much indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!