Contrast: Red and Green

Contrast: Orange and Green

Guatemala has very creative names for their chilies. For instance, diente de perro, dog’s tooth, and diente de caballo, horse’s tooth, come to mind. The chilies in the picture above I believe are diente de perro, although I have heard some people call it chile de huerta, orchard’s chili. These chilies grow in our garden/orchard and are among the hottest I have ever tried.

What other Guatemalan chili names do you know? Also, do you know what make Guatemalans so hot?

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  • Well, I don’t know all the names, but my contribution is this very interesting article (in Spanish) about Guatemalan Chiles… Poderosos y ancestrales chiles chapines Thank you Rudy!!!!!!!!

  • Glennis

    I don’ tknow any names for chillies other than chillies. These look like they will be very hot- small round yellow.

  • Erick

    The only ones I know of are “chiltepes”. I’m not sure if I’m spelling the word correctly, but that’s what my grandpa called them — and they were HOT! Those chillies were tiny but potent.

    He would put some in a tortilla, sprinkle some salt on them, and down the hatch they went. I have no clue how he did it. He would also throw them in some burning-hot “caldos”.

  • Luis Samayoa

    My dad was a big fan of “Chile Cobanero” (Chilli from Coban). Nobody else in my home would dare to eat Chile Cobanero.

  • Tens um espaço muito bonito e muito bem ilustrado.

    Aqui em casa, temos no quintal a pimenta de cheiro, que por sinal, é muito saborosa, tanto crua, como servindo para temperar carnes, frangos, molhos, etc.

    Belo post. Adorei!



  • Eric

    I would say what makes Guatemaltecas so hot are the beautiful smiles, the long black ponytails, las curvas, the sparkle in the eyes….
    Wait, did I read the question incorrectly…?