Delicious Quiche from Hector’s

Delicious Quiche from Hector's

This has to be the best quiche anywhere. Although it is made from eggs, it could be considered a vegetarian dish, right?

Even though Héctor’s restaurant does not have a sign that might point you to where his place is at, most locals, including foreigners, know about this fabulous venue. His French-influenced cosmopolitan cuisine is considered by many Antigua Guatemala’s best kept secret.

Make sure you also try Hector’s roasted tomatoes, basil and cheese!

Hector's Restaurant Map and Card

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  • Rudy,
    It is hard enough to get a seat in that restaurant without you letting Antigua’s best kept secret out.
    Thanks for introducing me to that place, it’s the best dining experience you will find!
    Will be back for more carpaccio, thats the bomb!

  • I will never forget lunch at Hector’s. Roasted grapes with the duck. Unforgettttttttttable.

  • NicWirtz

    Hector’s is simply fantastic, went there after hearing various mummerings about it and having had a decent five-pepper steak at Fusion. Hector’s is and was on a different culinary planet.

    The last time I went, the three ladies in the desirable window seat could hardly eat any of their main dish. I’m still in shock!

  • catherine from Oregon

    Rudy – hope you are planning dinner with these “foreigners” in last week of May! mmmm, I’m drooling already!

  • Eric

    Oh, do I remember the quiche at Hector’s…Dios mio, que deliciosa! When I finally find myself back in La Antigua, I will wait for a seat in Hector’s for as long as necessary. I wonder if my favorite artist-in-residence is still around…anyone see Ricardo lately ?

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