Nature-inspired Beauty Pageant Floats

Beauty Pageant: Guatemala Green Float

Here’s a lesson to be learned. Even though San Pedro Las Huertas was one of the villages that was hit the hardest in La Antigua Guatemala by Nature’s tropical storm Agatha, here they are building Nature-inspired floats for their annual beauty pageant. The people of San Pedro Las Huertas decided to show their appreciation for Nature and the environment by building most of their carrozas with green foliage plants, flowers, water, planet Earth, moon and the stars themes. They are not the least resentful about Nature’s recent catastrophes.

Below, I am sharing with you the rest of the photos I took; I hope you can get a feel for their beauty pageant, the atmosphere and the happy Guatemala smiles. Let me know what do your own feeling about it!

© 2010 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    Great shots, Rudy. And ‘Bien hecho’ a las residentes de San Pedro Las Huertas. The floaats are beautiful, las mujercitas are beautiful…maybe one of them has a single Mom, or an Aunt, for me? 😉

  • Tom L

    Great pictures, and a pleasant surprise, as well. One of the young beauty queens is a family friend, whom I’ve known since she was patojita. As always this site makes me homesick for Antigua. Maybe next year…