Guatemalan Geek Squad Lunch

Guatemalan Geek Squad Lunch

One important goal for me is to show you what’s possible and what’s available in La Antigua Guatemala. Believe it or not, some people believe we still live on tree canopies. Often in Twitter or Facebook, Guatemalans make a point of “no vivimos en árboles” or “por eso piensan que vivimos en árboles” (That’s why they think live on trees).

Personally, I wouldn’t mind living in a nice, comfortable condo on top of tree. 😉

Anyway, that’s one of the reasons I put a lot of emphasis on the gadgets that my friends and I use daily. Surely your remember the following articles:

Can you guess what we had for lunch?

Yes, in La Antigua Guatemala we do Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Flickr, Blogging, RSS, Email, GPS, Geotagging, 2G, 3G, iPhones, Android phones, Wifi, ADSL, CableTV, et cetera. 😉

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  • Eric

    La Moza no es el almuerzo ? Hay algo mas ? 🙂

  • Erick

    Maybe they’ll soak some tortillas into the Moza? 😉

  • Cristina

    Las boquitas son de tortilla con lengua…
    Quien fue el infiel que pidió agua gaseosa en vez de Moza?! Sáquenlo del grupo!
    I remember a group of teens from the US that came to Guate for a visit. They were completely awestruck to see Porsches, Mercedes and BMWs on the streets. Apparently, they expected horses and carts.

  • Hey, faltó BlackBerry!!!
    Hey, you missed BlackBerry!!!