Daredevil in Antigua Guatemala

Daredevil in Antigua Guatemala

The things one must do to earn a living. 🙁

So what’s the guy doing all the way up there? Good question my dear friends. Well, there’s something fishy going on there and in many other street light poles. Let me explain. As I drove by the two trucks shown in the bottom pictures I noticed they had replaced the stylish trash bins with metal containers that look exactly like the trash bins, except there was no place to put the trash and inside the metal containers had what appear to be expensive electronics.

Of course, it could simply be a new energy-saver lamps or new cellular towers disguised as public street lamps. Or, it could be something even more sinister. Stay tune as your exclusive reporter from La Antigua Guatemala uncovers the truth behind the Daredevil’s work and leaks his findings to the entire world, Wikileaks style!

What do you think is going on?

Daredevil Wide View Daredevil Coming Down

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  • JK

    mejor le hubiera dejado de titulo eso de daredevil y desarrollar ese tema porque puso 3 fotos que no aportan ningun valor a lo que dice de la basura, ni entre ellas tampoco, practicamente son 3 fotos repetidas ¿? y nada de los botes.

    eso es lo malo de querer cumplir con una cuota de articulos, solo ocasiona que baje de calidad


    • JK, tiene usted toda la razón con respecto al título. No estoy de acuerdo con el resto de su opinión. La idea era crear la expectativa.

      Por otro lado, a menudo yo trabajo, el título, la(s) foto(s) y el texto como piezas independientes. En este caso, el título y las fotos van juntas y el texto sirve como nota al margen para artículos próximos una vez descubra que hay detrás de este procedimiento. No creo que la calidad baje por mostrar una foto de acercamiento, otra que enseña la altura y el contexto del poste y una última que demuestra como se baja del poste sin escalera (daredevil). De todos modos agradezco su comentario y opinión.

      Regrese pronto para ver las próximas entradas.

  • Luis

    I am pretty sure that this is the first time JK is visiting Antiguadailyphoto.com thus the reason he/she is not familiar with Rudy’s style.
    JK, visit more often and you’ll find out that is precisely Rudy’s way of presenting the photos and articles that have made this site the favorite of all the readers in love with La Antigua Guatemala.

    Rudy, to answer your question, the guy is installing a new street light. What street is the activity going on. In less than a month I will be in LAG and I want to check by myself that I had the right answer.

  • Cristina

    I bet the guy is a camera man trying out his perch. He´s gonna film people´s surprise when they see the expensive electronics inside the trashcan and how they´re gonna try to fish them out!
    On a sadder note, my condolences to LAG for losing a Quijote of culture: Angel Arturo Gonzalez, the quintessential Panza Verde.

  • norm kwallek

    Traffic cameras, whole town WI-FI, traffic sensors, Lighting controls, lining up their ducks for 2012!

  • Antonio

    well, to end the guessing, they are installing movil phones antenas, disguised as public lamps. in an agrement between the city autorities and the celular phone company. the company agreed to remove the 4 large antenas that were in the city and the one that is situated behind the Palacio de los Capitanes. the fake trash cans are for the electronics. sorry, end of mistery

    • @Antonio, thank your for stopping by and giving us the official story. I sort of suspected it was cellular towers.

  • Sandra

    Well well well…. Yo creo que no quiso esconderese en el closet y salio por la recamara matrimonial para que el esposo no lo hagarrara en la curva!!!
    Si, JK no sabe distinguir al Quijote que hay en Rudy.

    • @Sandra, after so many years you finally made a comment. Thank you for your kind words. However, I’m no Quixote. 😉

  • As you can see, JK missed the subtleness and hidden messages and the key words dropped in the right places to get people and Antigua Guatemala’s Municipalidad to come and leave their comments. The response was actually better than I expected. 😉

  • Sandra Giron

    Asome!! can’t wait to go to La antigua. Wish I can go back to my country (Well if I can live in Antigua curse… ) Keep doing this good job Rudy

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