Putting Up The Lent Season Decorations

Lent Season Decorations

Every week, many more houses and buildings are putting up their Lent decorations. This house located on Calle de Los Pasos, which is basically the route for the Stations of the Cross, which goes from the San Francisco El Grande church to El Calvario church.

We can take the Lent decorations as a sure sign that there will be a Lent procession passing by this house this coming weekend.

Do you think we should have some Velaciones or Processional photos this weekend? After all, we’re almost half-way through Lent. It is up to you!

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  • Eric

    I am still catching-up with the “Branding of La Antigua” videos (nice time-lapse video, by the way), and I see that we already have velaciones fotos posted (I can see into the future!), but I will say “Yes ! Velaciones fotos este fin de semana !” Y entonces, despues de la Pascua, por supuesto, un desfile de….fantasmas? 😉

    • @Eric, I can also see into the future and I see you and I having Mozas at Hector’s this summer. How about that, can you see this far into the future?