First Glimpses of the Dry Season

First Glimpses of the Dry Season

Believe it or not, in Antigua Guatemala we can sense the dry season is approaching. Take the picture above for instance, it was taken after we had some rain. In my Diarios del Móvil (Mobile Dairy) I commented that I can smell the end of the rainy season in Antigua Guatemala and some people in Facebook began asking how do I know.

Well, I believe that one important factor are the winds blowing from the north which are cold and have a different smell. The winds I believe push the clouds away and clean the sky line. Another important detail is the position of Earth around the Sun which makes for a magical light that makes everything even more enchanting. That’s how we know.

If you have never visited Antigua Guatemala during the dry season (November through April) you’re missing out the best of what Antigua Guatemala. If I was you, I would start looking for inexpensive flight tickets right away. 😉

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  • Melissa Rodriguez

    14 days and counting… let’s hope the dry weather stays for my late October visit!!! I can’t wait!!!

    • Last year the dry season began on the first days of October. Maybe this year we don’t have to wait for three weeks either. Let’s hope so.

  • Angeltile

    y yo creia que solo yo le sentia ese olor diferente a lo que yo siempre he llamado, aire de vacaciones!!

    • Pues ya ves, si huele diferente la temporada seca. 😉

  • … You are so right !! I have followed your advice : I have already booked my next trip to Antigua for next march/april and it feels sooo good to know that I’ll be back in one of my favorite cities in the world !! ( though for me it’s more like a nice little village acutally, cause people are so kind and open, everyone says hello, you can always find strangers to chat with in Parque Central and when you’re there for two weeks, you always seem to meet the same people all over town almost every day.  I so love Antigua and reading your blog every day makes the time till the next vacation shorter ;o) !! I hope Semana Santa is gonna be as great in 2012 as this year – I have never taken my “summer” vacation as early as March ;o) !!

    • Thanks Jeannine for this awesome feedback. I’m sure Semana Santa will be even better in 2012, I can almost guarantee it. 😉

    • Thanks Jeannine for this awesome feedback. I’m sure Semana Santa will be even better in 2012, I can almost guarantee it. 😉

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  • Eric

    Pues….nunca he visto Guatemala durante la estacion “seca”.  I wonder if I would recognize La Antigua without my daily soaking, leaping over rivers in the street, and jockeying for a table under the roof at Dona Luisa’s.  Maybe I should try a visit between November and April, just to see?