Students Paying a Visit to a Church

Students Paying a Visit to a Church

Just like the separation of State and Church is not an issue in Antigua Guatemala, taking students from a public school to visit a church for mass service is not an issue either.

To be honest, it’s quite difficult to separate religious rituals and festivities from culture in Guatemala. Often times the boundaries that separate religion and culture, traditions and identity are very fuzzy, out of focus really (pun intended). I believe even atheists participate in some religious rituals and feasts like Cuaresma (Lent), Semana Santa (Holy Week) and Navidad/Noche Buena (Christmas/Christmas Eve). In fact, I remember reading the chronicle of an atheist and leftist poet and author who had became a cucurucho (float bearer) for Lent along with some of this friends.

What do you think about taking students from a public school to mass service inside a church?

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  • Bill

    I think it’s great to a point. In America we have scrubbed our schools of religion to the point that our holidays, culture and traditions (as dictacted by the dept of education) serve no purpose but to create consumerism, they do nothing for the soul. In public school, my kids can learn songs about ghosts and witches and santa (which is fine and cute), but nothing about a savior or saints. I read recently that you can stamp out religious references from society, but children look to replace that in some way, so they replace the religion of the forefathers with whatever is acceptable and at hand…paranormal, magic. NOT that they completly belive in those things but it helps to temporarily fill that “need for supernatural” void.

    • Linda Murray

      capitalism – celebrating the devil !
       Yes the [we] North Americans have done a good job of eliminating cultural, religous, spiritual .. distinctions rather than celebrate the many wonderful forms of their existence. what a pity – I feel we have become a soulless society.

      • Yeah, when I lived there the Holy Week was just Spring Break. Does anybody wonder why they get a week off from school during a Spring?

  • sjbj

    The problem in American is that many who call for cultural, religious traditions mean *their* traditions. As an example, every year we have Christmas stamps issued by US Postal Service, with Madonna and Child…no problem there. But huge outcry when they came out with Eid stamp (see for example: )

  • Eli Orozco

    If it is a private institution, I do not see anything wrong with it (if stated on the institutions curricula) but, performing this act on/with a public institution that clearly contradicts the Guatemalan Constitution (Estado Laico) has many many strong objections.Also take them to a Synagogue, a Buddhist Temple, a Mosque, a Brahmanist Temple, AND and take them to an Atheneum as well!!!!!

    • Evidentemente: Educacion LAICA GRATUITA Y OBLIGATORIA

      • jajaja, estoy con Manolo. +1

    • Eli, these were students from a public school.