Trick-or-treating in Antigua Guatemala

Trick-or-treating in Antigua Guatemala 1

I am not sure whether now there are more people celebrating Halloween in La Antigua Guatemala or if I am just more aware of the alienation of Guatemalans in general. Although it is kind of difficult to use the word alienation for a town like Antigua Guatemala where most people are not locals. Perhaps, that’s why unconsciously I only photographed Guatemalans kids; who knows really. Anyway, it is what it is or as we say in Guatemala, lo hecho, hecho.

Trick-or-treating in Antigua Guatemala 2 Trick-or-treating in Antigua Guatemala 3 Trick-or-treating in Antigua Guatemala 4

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  • Eric

    Interesting how customs are assimilated/imitated, no ?  We don’t have a “Children’s Day” here in los EEUU, but Halloween becomes a good substitute.  Wish we had more participation and understanding of “Dia de los Muertos” aqui, but it’s another good reason to visit Guatemala.  That, and the delicious-looking fiambre….mmmmmmmm……..

  • NYChapin

    I know what you mean Rudy.
    Question: do the kids translate trick or treat into spanish? ( if so, what is the translation?)

    I am curious because I have a distant memory of celebrating halloween in guate city as a patojo, back in the early eighties.I remember my friend translating trick or treat for me, but I am not sure if we said it in spanish or english, when we knocked on the big portones of the houses of the fichudos.