Having Ice Cream in Antigua Guatemala

Having Ice Cream in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Girón

It’s amazing how people outside Latin America don’t realize that despite the crime and violence that shown through the news, most people in our countries find the time and love to spend quality time with friends and family. This entry was inspired by a recent post in XelaDailyPhoto where Luna talks about Quality Time and a family is shown having fun at the park during Semana Santa.

Luna writes,
Over the Semana Santa weekend, many families retreated to Parque Central to spend quality time together in between the processions, meals and traveling. For some of the smaller members of the family, running laps and chasing doves in the sunshine is enough to ensure a good night’s sleep.

I decided to follow up with one of the favorite activities that people enjoy doing in Antigua Guatemala: Having ice cream at Parque Central. That’s always been the purpose of AntiguaDailyPhoto.com, GuatemalaDailyPhoto.com and XelaDailyPhoto.com; to show how we live and love, to demonstrate that another lifestyle is possible, to highlight where we could improve but without forgetting that we slowly but surely we progress in our own unique sort of way.

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  • HeidiS

    I love this picture! Brings great memories to my mind!! Eating  coffe ice cream at Antigua with my love 😉  Can not wait until we can come back together to the place where our love started. And my lovely daughter to meet the wonderful people and town where she comes from too!!

  • Eric

    Gracias, Rudy !  As I often tell friends who watch waaaaaay too much news on t.v., “If Guate. were a terrible place, why are there 14 million Guatemalans ?”  Save me a scoop, please !