Admiring the People of Ciudad Vieja

Admiring the Cathedral of Ciudad Vieja by Rudy Girón

It had been a while since I visited Ciudad Vieja, the town about two miles from Antigua Guatemala. I was surprised to see all the changes and improvements made around Ciudad Vieja.

Ciudad Vieja is a municipality in the Guatemalan department of Sacatepéquez. According to the 2002 Guatemalan Census, the municipality has a total of 25,696 people. Ciudad Vieja was the second colonial capital of the country. Many of the recent photos have been taken in Ciudad Vieja and/or in San Miguel Escobar, a community of Ciudad Vieja.

San Miguel Escobar is the modern name for the district that contains the ruins of the second colonial capital of the Guatemala region. The Spaniards founded their capital here in 1527, after their previous capital at Tecpán Guatemala became untenable. The city was destroyed by a catastrophic lahar from Volcan de Agua in 1541, and the survivors had no choice but to abandon the site. The capital was again refounded several miles away at Antigua Guatemala in 1543. (source: Wikipedia)

Make sure you pay Ciudad Vieja and San Miguel Escobar a visit next time you come to Antigua Guatemala.

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  • NYChapin

    wow Rudy, you did a great job in capturing the moment. I can feel them thinking !
    The lady placed the right foot across the back of her left leg and is balancing her weight against the column. I guess much the same way the country has asked indigenous people to take the brunt of our history. I would have called the shot: “admiring the people of cuidad vieja”

    • Wow NYChapin, I like your title much better, I will change it now. Thanks for the awesome feedback.

  • NYChapin

    thank you Rudy, that is quiet an honor. Note: small typo on “people” the word on the title is missing the L.

    • Done. fixed. 🙁

  • Eric

    At first, I thought I might have wandered into Ciudad Vieja on one of my many “Start walking and see where this road goes” walks, but now I think not.  I would have remembered a view like this.  Beautifully composed shot, Rudy.  Ciudad Vieja is on my list for next time.