Please, take our photo instead!

Please, take our photo instead! by Rudy Girón

I just love it when photographs walk or ride into my viewfinder. Better yet, when they even call on me to take their photograph. This was the case for the picture above as I was composing the shot to include the fountain to one side, the Agua volcano between the trees, enough red floor tiles and skyline when these two kids rode into my viewfinder and asked to take their photo instead. Well, I must say I comply without reframing so I was able to improve my photograph by factor of a thousand if not more. Of course, many of you already know that this is one my techniques, I compose what I believe to be an interesting frame or backdrop and then wait for someone or something alive to complete the photograph. Here are two examples of this technique: Take My Photo or Simple Rainy Season Vista and Monk in San Francisco El Grande Church.

By the way, do you know where was this photograph taken?

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Buzz

    Not having been there yet, I’m going to guess that you took this picture in San Gaspar Vivar, since that’s one of the links you assigned to it. :0)

    • Hahaha Buzz, I thought nobody was paying attention to tags and categories. I’m glad to know someone is… 😉

  • El Canche

    Don’t you love kids? They can still get enthusiastic about simple things. I can remember also wanting to jump in when photos were being taken….although they were indeed a novelty when I did this! No Rudy, in case you were thinking; I was not around in the days of the magnesium flare flash device!

    • I am sorry Canche, magnesium flashes are before my time. 😉