Diversify to Survive Approach in Antigua Guatemala

Diversify to Survive Approach in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Lots of small mom-and-pop enterprises in Guatemala follow this time-tested diversification approach. I have cover this diversification previously extensively and I believe to have coined the term Zaguán Business for it, Here I will showcase two such examples: Interesting Signs Found in Antigua Guatemala in which I highlighted a zaguán business across the street selling chocobananos, chochofresas, chocomelones, chocopiñas, internet access and bathroom services. Another sample of a zaguán business was shown in Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket, where a zaguán shop was selling disparate items. Oh the wisdom of idioms do not escape the Guatemalan typical small business owner; don’t you agree?

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  • “The answer is to place a few eggs in several baskets, so if the bottom falls out of one, you can still make an omelet with what’s left. In other words, diversify your product and service offerings to generate multiple streams of income.”