The south end of 5a avenida sur in Antigua Guatemala

The Other End of Calle del Arco by Rudy Giron

Here is your Spanish word of the day: Alameda, a tree-lined avenue or boulevard.

La Antigua Guatemala has tree official alamedas, Alameda del Calvario, Alameda Santa Rosa (near La Merced on 1a calle oriente) and Alameda Santa Lucía, which most mistakenly call calzada; a paved road. There are not calzadas in Antigua Guatemala.

In my humble opinion, the south end of 5a avenida sur, this is the same avenue which takes on the name Calle del Arco (Street of the Arch) on the north end, if you take this picture as evidence. If you never walk this far, you should since you can spend a few hours inside Vivero La Escalonia, a greenhouse-restaurant where most antigüeños and residents buy their colourful flowers and plants. Vivero La Escalonia is about one block south of Mesón Panza Verde, another fabulous place one must visit, especially the art gallery on the second story; a must see venue always showing contemporary Guatemalan art.

Have you walked this far south on 5a avenida sur? Also, does anyone know what’s the name of this tree?

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Nice capture Rudy, by any chance do you know the name of the tree?
    In Guatemala the flower trees are jacarandas, matilisguates, guachipilin, llama del bosque…but this one I do not know the name….

    • Hi Lico, everyone is asking the same thing. I am already requesting the help of the interwebs for that. As soon as I have it I will update this entry or post a follow up. Stay tuned!

  • Brad

    This is Koelreuteria
    paniculata. In english it’s called “Goldenrain Tree.”

    • Hi Brad, with your comment it makes two people who have suggested this might be “Koelreuteria paniculata;” the other comment was posted on Twitter.

  • Eric

    This is one of the places I walk through when I have to use my cell phone … quiet, scenic, and I don’t have to shout (and disturb the neighbors) . Beautiful foto !

    • I don’t know Eric, there are two residential gated communities to the right of those trees, who knows if you talk on the phone there you might disturb the neighbours, hahaha.

  • El Canche

    Beautiful photo…one of those that just makes me want to live in Antigua from today!!

    • Hola Canche, it sounds like you should visit LAG more often o live here part time.

      • El Canche

        I’m working on just that, Rudy! One day I’ll simply turn up and invite you to a meal at you favourite restaurant for helping me keep my dreams of Antigua alive!

        • Thanks Canche for the awesome feedback. We’ll see you soon then.

  • Luis

    My house is half block from 5a. Avenida Sur and being that my favorite place for breakfast is La Escalonia I am lucky enough that I walk on that Alameda every morning. This Alameda is also on my way to visit El Calvario and on my early morning runs. I love my vacations in La Antigua Guatemala that’s why I go twice a year to enjoy the best town in Guatemala.

    • Hi Luis, that sounds awesome, I guess you have your routine all set up.

  • Pascu

    Beautiful spot. 2 good news:
    1.- at the end of this street going south an outstanding Museum dedicated to Guatemalan Art (maya, colonial & contemporary) is about to open before january 2013 known as Museo Palacios Weymann”
    2.- Antigua City Council expressed its comintment to turn this street into a proper “alameda” with side walks, lamp posts and signs. By the way, the name of the tree in spanish is: “Lluvia dorada”. There are some in Calzada Santa Lucia north. By the way. the name of the tree is “lluvia dorada”.

  • Carole Buschmann

    This is one of my favorite streets in La Antigua. I didn’t know that La Escalonia served bf. I had only eaten lunch there. Also I learned from reading these comments about the upcoming museum. Hoorah, I will hope to visit it next year.