One must make a living in an honest manner

One must make a living in an  honest manner by Rudy Giron

Often I walk by this garden, previously shown in It’s Always Ice Cream time In Guatemala, so I was happy to see the person that takes care of the garden, a public garden if you want to think about since it’s actually a green area out side the house. Don José had just finished clearing up the weeds and working on making some holes. I know his name is Don José after I talked to him for a few minutes. I told him how much I enjoy the lush verdant garden and asked what were the holes for; methinks a new tree or bush. “Well,” Don José began while pausing to compose his next sentence, “one must make a living in an honest manner.” He then explained that he was building a shade or kiosk for his daughter who wanted to start selling charbroiled corn on the cobb and other such Guatemalan delicacies.

An honest man with and honest answer who works often in his garden to give the rest of us the pleasure to enjoy it. What can I say, we need many, many more Don Josés in Guatemala, don’t you agree?

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    Wow, Rudy, 1) I love the title for this post, and 2) It is the many “Don Jose”s that I have met in Guatemala that have kept me on the right path. I hate to think what kind of life I would have now, if it weren’t for that first trip to the land of eternal spring. Next visit (when I arrive allergy meds in hand), you can tell me where this is, because I’m already craving some elote fresh off the grill…