Façade of Iglesia de San Gaspar

Façade of Iglesia de San Gaspar by Rudy Giron

After several previous tries I believe I have captured the essence of this tiny colonial church in San Gaspar Vivar. Sometimes it takes several attempts at different hours, with different light and often with different lens and cameras to really capture the essence of a place.

What do you think? Did I capture the essence of the church in San Gaspar Vivar?

© 2012, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • NYChapin

    yes Rudy, perfect shot. Even the water from the fountain looks in perfect simmetry. I like how the lush green of the cerro towers over the church. As if saying ” why so pale”?

  • Eric

    Yes, Rudy, well captured ! I like how after we are done admiring the details of the facade, our eyes drift down to the bicycle and the plastic chairs. Well, mine do, anyway. It’s great to see that buildings ‘in ruins’ are still a living, breathing part of everyday life. And it makes me think that someone must be selling tortillas or elote asado somewhere nearby… 😀