New Year, New Ride and The #RealGuatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Chicken Bus Climbing a Hill Very Fast

Okay everyone, let start 2014 with new goals for AntiguaDailyPhoto, more series, more people, more #RealGuatemala [let’s create a hashtag and category for it], more raw images, more in depth and researched entries. Nevertherless, I will try to do less landscapes, less signs, less food unless it is real authentic Guatemalan cuisine; I honestly will try to go for shorter captions.

As I have mentioned it a few weeks ago, I will cease the daily updates. That does not mean I will close down AntiguaDailyPhoto, except, there will not be the pressure of a new entry each day. In other words, I might publish a new material 7 days a week or several times per week. Thus, I recommend you subscribe to get updates via email so you don’t miss the new content when it becomes available. The email signup form is right on top of the sidebar, below the search form. You can also write to me in case you want me to add your email to the mailing list.

© 2014, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • El Canche

    Happy New Year Rudy! A great action picture to mark “the Real Guatemala”! Bus overtaking too fast on a hairpin bend; motorcycle not using the inside lane to help; passenger with no helmet and not sure if law on pillion passenger is being ignored…what could possibly go wrong??!!
    I am glad you are reconfiguring ADP; not because I have any criticism (I love the food pictures!), but because this is a major job to keep the quality and vitality of the entries and leave a life for yourself. I am sure you’ll get lots of suggestions on how to move forward; I have made my comments too, but when all is said and done, you are the author and the finisher of ADP and its identity is completely tied to your style and your ways. Where you go, I believe most will happily follow. The secret is to keep you motivated and creatively challenged….so congratulations for making my favourite website in the world!!!

  • NYChapin

    Yeah ! ADP lives !
    Rudy, who was driving your vehicle when you took this shot? je je

    By the way, I noticed last night that ” La camioneta” documentary is now available on Netflix.
    Check it out !

  • Eric

    Whatever you do here at LAGDP, I’m sure we will enjoy it, Rudy. This site never fails to impress. Besides, if you can’t trust a man with several cameras, stalking the ‘real Guatemala’ in the streets, whom can you trust? Je-je-je-je…

  • Jose Byron Gonzalez

    What a surreal country we live in! As El Canche said, anywhere there’s at least 10 moving violations in this picture alone. Yet it’s par for the course. No better illustration of our “optimistic fatalism” – keep up the good work at any pace you like. Quality is always more important than quantity.

    • For better or worse that is our beautiful country. “Optimistic fatalism” I like it. this will be a title for a post. Now, I just have to make a fitting photograph.