Home-made Guatemalan Black Pupusas with Loroco

As I have shared before, pupusas are better known in Guatemala as tortilla con chicharrón or tortilla con queso, et cetera. I called them Mayan pizzas. Pupusa is a name inherited from El Salvador for a dish which can be found throughout the Southeast Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and quite possibly all the countries in Central America under various names. Pupusas are “normally” about the size of compact disc and are made from a mixture of maize dough, cheese, and whatever ingredient you ask for from a menu.

Today’s version of home-made black pupusas were prepared by mom with a mixture of quesillo, soft cheese, and loroco, Fernaldia pandurata, black maize dough topped with avocado slices and red hot chili pepper sauce. ¡Buen provecho!

Who wants to try these home-made Guatemalan Black Pupusas with Loroco?

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Home-made Guatemalan Black Pupusas

© 2014, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Kaye0162

    What is loroco?

    • It’s hard to explain loroco, but if you follow the link to Fernaldia pandurata, on the second paragraph, you will get the description in English.

  • Eric

    Oh yes, I sure do ! Does Mom want to adopt a 40-something northamerican child ? I could eat these every day, ha-ha-ha

    • Let me ask Eric, but I am sure that as long as you eat all the Guatemalan food she serves you, she has no problema. She loves cooking, by the way.

  • elgordo

    Que belleza. Este plato merece su propio nombre.

    • Lo mismo digo yo Gordo. What name do you think we should use?