German Food Sampler FTW!

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Of course, what better accompaniment for German beers than a sampling plater of German sausages, pretzels, sauerkraut and mustards. I know I have mentioned Wurst Eck before, and this is definitely not the first time I mentioned where to get German sausages in Antigua Guatemala. However, I believe this is the first time I mentioned the classic German eck, or corner, of Jardín Bavaria. Shame on me.

If next time you visit Antigua Guatemala, you would like to treat me, let’s have a beer and a German food plater such as the one picture here. I will be well-served. 😉

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  • Jeannine

    …. since I am german, it would be my pleasure to invite you to lunch to this place when I’m
    back in Antigua in the end of March !! First off to thank you for the wonderful
    website you make and for bringing me a little piece of happiness every day with
    views from my beloved Guatemala and secondly to see how authentically german
    this restaurant really is ;o) !! The Brezel sure look the part… Let’s see if they can also make a real good german Bratwurst…. Also I hope to participate in one of your photowalks – I always
    seem to be there on the wrong dates to catch them, but since this time I’ll be
    there for three days in the beginning and another 9 days after touring the Ixil
    and Pana, I hope to be lucky enough this time. I’ve enjoyed your website for so many years
    now and it would be a please to finally meet you in person :o) !!

    • Hi Jeannine, the best way and sure way to not miss the Antigua Photo Walk experience is by booking a private photo walk. Let me know if you are interested in a private photo walk and I will gladly send you additional information.
      Furthermore, thanks for the invitation to share with you some German beers and bratwursts. I will be very happy to join you. 😉

  • Mercutio57

    Cuando era joven pasé 3 años en Alemania– gracias a mi Tio Samuel– y de veras me encantó. Ich war im Rheinpfalz und bei mir es war wunderschön. Aber das Wetter war oft schlimm– gar nicht wie Guatemala, oder? Pues Jeannine tiene razón en cuanto a los bratwurst. No hay NADA como una verdadera bratwurst alemán…

    • Well, I hope one day to have a verdadera bratwurst en Alemania. Mientras tanto, I get them from where I can.

      • Mercutio57

        If it hadn’t been for Uncle I would never have had one there either. Kids like me didn’t see the world as exchange students or on “gap years.” For the likes of us overseas travel was either in uniform, or not at all. Fortunately by the time I was of cannon-fodder age the Southeast Asia tour was being phased out, so I enjoyed one of the special Cold War packages instead: three years in West (!) Germany, all expenses paid.

        Meanwhile I’m turning from your blog to the snow outside the window and wishing I were in Guatemala once again!