Portraits of Strangers: The Modern Traveler

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Have iPad, Will Travel

Have iPad, Will Travel!

I imagine only few of you will understand the meaning of the statement above.

Now, can you guess or deduce the nationality of the traveler pictured here. Make your best guess or case through your deductions.

© 2015, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • I have never used an apple product, but she looks either Italian or American to me.

    • Nope Stefan, she is closer to your home country. Which one though?

  • NYChapin

    Israel or Cuba are my best guess.

    • Nope, NYChapin, let me give you a hint, she’s European. Which country?

  • Lobsang El Lobo Maya

    I’ll say she is from the States. Her star studded scarf might give her away.

    • She’s actually from Europe, that should narrow it down.

  • Spain.

    • German, actually.

  • Manolo Romero Escobar

    Man! I shouldn’t have read all the comments to the end… I came back to the party and I was going to say German because the brand of her backpack is German… although that brand is also sold by MEC in Canada. Which was my second choice. I find backpack brands can help figure out country of origin most of the times. Like “Quechua” brand is French, and MEC (the brand) is Canadian.