I want to take home all the colors from Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; I want to take home all the color from Guatemala

Winter is coming!

Better be prepared. That’s why I am taking all the colours of Guatemala with me to help cope with the colourless harsh winter ahead. How much for the entire store?

Have you ever felt like this?

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  • Jeannine

    Oooooooh YES !!!! And how much so… There’s a good reason why I always come with two big suitcases to Guatemala : on the way in 2/3 is filled with presents for my friends and school stuff for the kids in the villages wheere I travel, and on the way back they are filled with the shopping of countless handmade scarfs and bags and things… You quickly learn to tell the difference between stuff made in China ( even if if they say “es mi trabajo”.. ;o) !!) or the industrially manufactured lower quality bags and the handwoven scarfs and high quality leather bags with huipiles. Of course they are more expensive, but the quailty and beautfy of the workmanship is well worth it. Plus when you buy textiles from cooperative stores, you know the money goes to the women who make it and when you know how
    many hours it takes to make a scarf, you appreciate it all the more . Besides, come on, no one can say that 20-25€ for a handmade high quailty scarf is expensive when over here in the stores you pay the same price for made in China crap, right ?
    I have received so many compliments for the bags with huipiles that I have also made to order in a big store in the backof the mercado de artesanias. And it’s especially tru that when it’s it’s winter and grey and gloomy here, you stand out with a beautiful handmade big bag with colorful birds from Santiago Atitlan or exquisite designs from Chichi…. I waill soon need a bigger appartment for all the thingsd I buy twice a year, but how can you resist such beautiful, colorful things, right ? ;o) !!!

    • Thanks for your feedback and sharing your experiences, Jeannine. I am looking forward to our photo walk.

  • Eric

    Every time I visit a shop in Guatelinda, I feel like this. Dona Gavi’s, Dona Luisa’s, even Hector’s Bistro… I want to bring them all home!

    • Jeannine

      Oh… and this coming come from a guy ;o) !! I thought only us women can never have enough bags, scarfs ( …or shoes, or clothes or jewlery for that matter ;o) lol !!) But of course no one can resist the beauty and craftsmanship of the handmade textiles and things in Guatemala, right ?