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Run Lola Run

This picture was captured during one of my recent private photo walks. I like the texture of the portón [doorway], wall and …

Ironwork Candle Wall Holder

Let’s start easy on this Monday. Here’s a simple candle wall holder made by the blacksmiths of Antigua Guatemala. This is really …

Textured Red Wall with a Window by Rudy Giron

Textured Red Wall with a Window

If you have followed the daily updates of AntiguaDailyPhoto for a while you would know that here we only served rich saturated …

Walk This Way by Rudy Giron

Walk This Way!

I have a fascination for bare naked walls that show the materials that are used to form them. Bricks, rocks, concrete, adobe, …


Spanish Tiles Roofs

I am sure I am not the only one who enjoys looking at the repetition and texture created by the terra-cotta Spanish …


Everybody Walks in LAG

Oh leave it to the French and their Je ne sais quoi, yo no sé que in Spanish, to describe something the …


Spanish Tile Roof Texture

I love textures and La Antigua Guatemala seems to possess an endless amount of textures. Perhaps the fact that I am a …


Spanish-tile Roof Pattern

We, graphic designers, are a weird bunch. We like thinks like patterns, textures, colors, signs, letter shapes, shapes, you name it; if …


Doorway Beam Texture Wallpaper

Not only in walls can you find textures in La Antigua Guatemala; sometimes even wooden beams can provide moth-eaten textures. If you …


Doña Gavi Store Wallpaper 2

I could spend a good hour photographing all aspects of La Tienda de Doña Gavi and perhaps bring you a series… but …


Doña Gavi Store Wallpaper

In September 2007, I brought to you the façade and sign of La Tienda de Doña Gavi, remember? Today I bring to …


Wood Texture from a Beam

The wooden texture from beam which appeared in Holding Up the Heavens. Sometimes you just need to let time do its magic.