El pan nuestro de cada dí­a (our daily bread)

Rain or not, bread gets delivered

Not too long ago, Pamela, from Tenerife Daily Photo, talked about her bread delivery service and the “blame of the milkman” (interesting post, you should read it). Well, La Antigua has both services, although the milk delivery is disappearing, the bread delivery is very healthy here and throughout Guatemala.

The bread eaten by most Guatemalans is still produced by artisans bakers and because it comes out the ovens twice daily, it needs no preservatives. There are many kinds of bread, but they fall under two categories: desabrido (insipid) and dulce (sweet). In the desabrido category, pan francés (frech rolls) are the most popular (insipid just means not sweet). In the dulce category, champurradas are among the most popular; they look like round discs are a bit hard, like toasts.

I wonder now, how many other daily photo cities have bread delivery?

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