Pick your color #4


This is close-up view of the “undocumented alien” in my garden. I plan to have more strict rules for this migrant plants, including but not limited to, random searches, x-rays checks, striping, finger-printing the branches, photos (which I already do), background checks, et-cetera. You can never be “too careful” about your garden. Now, if this was money or merchandise, I just would do a free trade agreement and open both leaves of my doorway. But, you know, money does not grow on trees. Right? 🙁

There are not too many colors to choose from, nevertheless there are enough colors for you to choose one.

    The rules of the game are:

  1. You look at the photo,
  2. You pick one single color and
  3. You leave a comment tell us what color you picked and why?

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