Façade of Iglesia de La Merced

Façade of Iglesia de la Merced

On September 1st, I posted one of my best shots yet, which goes by the name of Framed Shadow. That photo was the first glance at Iglesia de La Merced, Antigua Guatemala’s most famous and photographed church. Then, I showed you the dome and the atrium and moved away onto other subjects. Looking at yesterday’s picture, it occurred to me that I have shown the façade of Antigua Guatemala’s Cathedral 5 times and that there is not a single shot of the façade of Iglesia de La Merced.

So, how is it that La Merced is the most often photographed church in Antigua and I just come around to show it to you? Well, my apologies first; then a little explanation is due. I have tried not to show you the most obvious places and the most often photographed sites. That is why it took me over 120 days to show the first Indigenous photo as the subject, even though Indigenous people are everywhere. It took almost the same amount of time to bring a shot of Calle del Arco. There are other popular places that I need to show you, but I will do it slowly and with many other images in between. Remember, this is not a tourist-oriented site (well, at least I try not to make it one).

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